SportyHood: Get Your Head in the GAME

Looking for: Designer, Marketer, Sales person
I'm Michael Mayberry and my product is the new innovation in Football jerseys.  SportyHood is a football jersey with a patent pending waterproof hood attached.  SportyHood not only appeals to the niche sports market but to the masses, just imagine yourself sitting watching a sport event or any outdoor event in that plain 100 year old football jersey on the market today and all of a sudden it starts to rain. I know when that happens to me I tend to get my head out of the game or the event.  That's where SportyHood comes in and saves the day.  SportyHood jersey has a waterproof hood that is stylish and will wow football fans, trendy hoodie wearing consumers, football players, and families.  This jersey can be worn on airplanes while relaxing there's nothing like a hoodie especially a SportyHood while trying to sleep on a crowded flight, just put your hood on and turn out the lights. So, who wants to join me and make SportyHood the next 100 year jersey and GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!!

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