Sports Predictions Mobile App.: Freemium App. with Strong Monetization Potential

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer
Seeking a mobile app developer as CTO for the development of a mobile application for android and iphone that delivers global coverage of sports predictions.

I already have a full proprietary system that harness a) over 20 professional industry expert sports handicappers, each with 10-30 years experience, b) global consensus sport tips / picks / predictions and an model that analyzes both and produces an 'intelligent' prediction. 

The system currently covers all major sports including NFL, NBA, College football and basketball, MLB, CFL, MMA, Boxing, European football (soccer) (champions league, premier league, La liga, etc.), rugby, cricket, tennis and more.

I'm seeking to bring aboard a technology partner to help build / develop a mobile app that delivers all these predictions / tips to a global audience. The app. would be fairly simple, user-friendly and non-sophisticated to build.

I also have sports schedules, scores and odds that could be delivered be value-add to capture the market of sports enthusiasts, fans and bettors.

The app. would be free to build critical mass, and monetize through the mobie purchase of individual tips / predictions,  and referral traffic to the main website where membership packages are available. 

Market research indicates major opportunity during major sport seasons, including during major sporting events such as World Cup, Super bowl, etc.

This business venture offers a freemium model to build critical mass across major mobile platforms, with phenomincal opportunity to monetize through the online sale of tips, web-based memberships, and referral / affiliate revenue share with major 3rd party partners.

For more details - you can contact me here. In your message, please include related experience in the design and development of mobile apps. for iphone, ipad and android.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea