Spam My Congressman

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The most effective way to get the attention of your State legislature or US Congressman is by sending a letter. However, most people don't send letters today. Emails are also received, but because they can be anonymous and lack a signature, they don't have the same weight as a personal letter.

The problem with letters is that they take a lot of time to conceive, draft, then send. Plus you have to be tapped into the Legisltive process in order to fully grasp the the names of the bills that are being produced.

Spam My Congressman is an automatic congressional letter artifact which you can send immediately to your congressman. It works like this:
1. Log on to Spam My Congressman 
2. Browse through a series of bills currently in Congress
3. Or you may just find your Congressman using a built in directory.
4. Select the bill, like AB 220 (example).
5. Then select if you are for or against this bill. Of course there will be infromation about the bill on the website.
6. A template pro / against the bill is available. You can select, "I support this bill"
7. Spam My Congressman will have a built in editor, with a template stating your support of the bill. You can add additionl text to it.
8. Hit send.
9.  A copy of the letter is sent to the Congressman or the President of the USA.
10. If you want a signed copy, you can add your signature using an croppd image file, or one produced via a mouse.
11. You then pay for the postage + letter + a $#.## service fee, or you can simply download the template for free.
If the website produces and sends the letter, it will have it in an envelope, printed and sent to the congressman. 

The benefit of the site is that you're able to directly influence and send correspondence to a Congressman. This includes Senators and House of Representatives. Plus as the site grows we can add in State legislators and even Global affairs like the U.N.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea