My Software House needs Head Of Marketing

Looking for: Marketer, Sales person, Other

In 2016 we set up a small team of Mobile App Developers (5 DEV + 2 Artists), based in Europe, Warsaw capital of Poland.

Thanks to about three permanent contracts we were able to work, expand on Europe/US market, hire more people and grow.

We were focused on giving clients the best support in technologies as iOS Development, Node.JS, Ruby and Unity3D Games. Thanks to our work a lot of mobile products have been released: ICTTracker, OceanReefLife. We are specialised in Mobile Apps, Mobile Games and Software Solutions like OCR and AR.

Today, I'm in a pressing need to find some new clients and get more projects for my team. Honestly, I'm lack of ideas how I can acquire them. Does anyone have any idea who should I contact? I feel that maybe I should start to expand on Dubay market, but don't even know how to start.

Head Of Sales - People who might help us in making connections and find clients and projects. 
Head Of PR - People who can help us with making our content more interesting for potential clients.
Investors - People who might help us with fouding our marketing and help us grow faster.

As the only Founder of IMVOLUTE, I can offer some percents of company, provision from generated leads.
Give all my know how, team and analitycs based on 5 years of my reasearch.


Additional Info

  • Website:
  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: launched and profitable