Software Development Company for Apps/Integrations (eCommerce Software.)

Looking for: Developer
Multi- Channel Order Management & Inventory Control System for online retailers has just migrated from a Desktop Application to a Web-Based .NET Application using the latest HTML 5 & Web API Technology. 

The system has over 4000 customers and has just released the framework for an App Store, leaving 3rd party developers to monetize on integrations and apps for the brand new web-variant of the product. 

Having spent 3 years working at the heart of the companies business development team, inclusive of Corporate Account Management and now the Head of Partnerships, I have valuable insight into the apps and integration that the product is lacking, and that the customer base desires. I already have a list of API Integrations that would bring great value-add to the product and have been requested by clients.

I am looking to build up a partner development company that can use my extensive knowledge of the business and the ability of a competent and committed developer who is willing to start from scratch and monitize on the subscription of apps and integrations through the product's app store. Integrations to many of the identified integrations can comfortably retail for £30 per month, per account or per user. 

Further developments would include connecting 3rd party applications into a self-designed middleware. 

I am looking for a pro-active developer with competent .NET C# experience.. The frontend is pure Javascript framework written with signigicant help of Angular JS bindings and directives. The frontend talks to WebAPI written in C# with MVC 4 routing at the core of it. Uses Microsoft SQL Server as database. 

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