Social sucks for small business, our product fixes the problem.

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Sure, you can reach a billion people with Facebook ads but at what cost?  Explain to the local dry cleaner the ROI on a $3K/month Yelp investment or better yet, have the local barber tell you how 'check-in's are growing his business.  Over 50% of the nearly 28 million small businesses in this country don't even have a website let alone a social presence.  Why is that? It's too difficult, it's too expensive, and nobody can easily explain that there is a better ROI model as compared with the $400 they spend with their local chamber of commerce annually.

This is a web and mobile product that will connect individuals with the organizations they interact with the most...without a social conversation! People don't want to have a conversation with businesses they buy from, they want a good deal.  Very low-touch and almost no data entry will be needed to have a very robust and yet un-invasive platform guiding consumers to the specific business and organizational information they want.  Think of this as a side-web of dynamic data that isn't reliant on search or social and yet provides definable information to both consumers and companies alike.

We have it wireframed in JustInMind, we just need a dev to bring it to life and we are willing to invest a significant equity position in the right person or team.

We've built other companies and had successful exits.  One of our other products continues to be used worldwide and by over 80% of the top law firms in the USA...We've had successes, now we want to build an you?  

If you think you're ready to go after scale, but most importantly, build a tangible useful tool for the masses, I assure you this is the product to do it with.

Build it at your pace, we're not expecting it to be done in 30 days, we're expecting it to be done right.

Prefer a developer in the Bay Area or in Los Angeles County. about reaching out?

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development