Social Services Software (HUD, Shelter Management, Client Management)

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
I have developed the next generation of Social Services Software for both stand alone and HUD compliant agencies. The software is powered on the back end by Microsoft Azure and has a computer generated (on the fly) front end for both Windows, the Web and mobile. It is functional in 5 agencies although no agency uses even half of it. It is capable of generating a different front end for every user. It has build-in analytics and is suitable for use with all Azure analytics.

It's pure object design and advanced programing tools allow me to out perform teams of 10-20 programmers. My current company is a non-profit cooperative corporation located in the Boston MA area. However I still maintain ownership of the software so transfer to a profit making structure is possible. This is a unique chance to start with a major piece of software (1,000+ tables, 4,000+ screens) that is 95% done.

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