Social Media Service to Crowd Source the Validation of Predictions

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Current social media platforms do not provide enough of a focus and purpose to their users. This has lead to a massive amount of boring, uninteresting, and purposeless content. One type of content there is a plethora of, however, are visions and predictions about our future made by pundits, politicians, journalists, scientists, celebrities, and others. Plenty of people are talking about what they think will happen in the future. Climate change predictions, economic conditions predictions, sports predictions, Grammy winners, and much more are all offered up by "experts" every single day.
What does NOT exist is an easy way to capture and then fact-check these "experts". You might follow a few of them and call them out when they are wrong. But that data is lost in a sea of other Tweets, posts, and subreddits. The rest of the world and the person who made the prediction rarely even know they were wrong.
Is the pundit on CNN actually reliable when making predictions about what is going to happen? What about that Fox News host making millions of dollars to pontificate about the future?  Is someone on Reddit making seemingly preposterous predictions about the future?  Is your favorite blogger consistently and accurately forecasting future economic conditions? Does your favorite journalist always pick the Grammy winner year after year?
What we want to find out is: Who is actually good at it?  And who isn't.  Those that consistently make bad predictions should be identified so their reputation as an "expert" is diminished. Those that are good at it should have a bigger audience and be celebrated (And perhaps be making millions of dollars!).

What I plan on doing is building a software platform that allows people all over the world to identify and post these predictions along with a verifiable source (Tweet, news article, etc.) so that other users can then fact-check the prediction. Each post must include a "Truth Date". The system would then surface predictions based on that date so other users can validate them. 

By aggregating predictions and their accuracy in one place, we could also provide all kinds of data and visualizations to create eye-catching, viral content.

Contact me if you're interested. I need a co-founder with good technical skills. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea