Social Enterprise in Fashion / Retail / Brand

Looking for: Designer, Marketer, Product manager

The current generation is a lot more socially aware than previous generations. Conscious of all of good and bad going on in the world and much more willing to give back. One piece of feedback we got, was that there was a lack of transparency in the giving process and people did not know where their money went, or the impact of it to the cause. Furthermore, they couldn’t easily donate closer to home. That is where HUSL comes in, giving to the consumer and giving back to the world.

Help Us Save Lives, or HUSL is a clothing brand and social enterprise, which adopts the one for one business model. Where customers can buy any item from us, and like for like gets donated to a charity.

Like for like, can be monetary or item related. More so, HUSL partners with causes and charities local to the user, which means that the consumer can select a cause closer to home and see where their money is going and the impact to the cause.

A second part is to empower local designers when it comes to the fashion items, giving them money back on each item that is sold, getting their names seen as well as generating fresh lines.

We are looking for someone with ties/ experience in retail, manufacturing, or managing the manufacturing process, fashion, or links to celebrities, as a partnership/ endorsement would drive brand awareness as well as showing positive contributions from the celebrity.


Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea