SitQuest: Reverse Q&A into A&Q

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager, Other
I am a frequent airline commuter. One day, on my return flight back home I was reading the USA Today newspaper about some real-estate article. The author provided a  list of great questions to ask the realtor when buying a house.  I thought to myself, "Wow, these are really good questions, but I can never remember these at the time that I need to ask them!"  From that arose an epiphany, alas (Situational Questions) is an A&Q (Answers & Questions) service that allows people to submit and retrieve the best questions to ask during everyday circumstances or situations. SitQuest is community oriented, which means that the users submit questions and situations. Since much of the information is contributed from personal experiences, it provides genuine value by allowing users to leverage the communities past experience and advice to ensure that they have maximize a particular engagement or transaction they are involved in.
Our competetive advantage is that SitQuest is unique. There are a plethora of Q&A sites that allow people to search for answers to questions. For example, "What are the best places to go when I travel?" SitQuest reverses that paradigm, it's an A&Q site! Instead SitQuest provides the user with Questions they need to think about or consider when travelling such as, "Did I bring my passport?" or "Do I need a foreign visa?" 
Our tag line is "Good Questions Make you Smarter!" We interpret that as "When you ask the right questions, you get an advantage in any given situation." By utilizing mobile capability like your smartphone, SitQuest delivers the information right on the spot allowing you to interview that sales person or service provider. This improves your transaction by giving you the near complete picture when negotiating. 

I'm looking for the right partner to take this to the next level. If you love writing, or want to make the first generation A&Q sites (i.e. first-to-market), contact me. I am looking for smart, loyal, and highly creative people to help take this to the next level. 

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