Simplifying the caregiver experience

Looking for: Developer
It's been said that one woman can raise ten kids, but it's hard for ten adult children to care for an aging parent. There are many reasons for that, mostly having to do with how busy the adult children are, and how complicated and emotional it is to keep track of every detail and decide who does what. Many family caregivers Google over 14 different subject areas ranging from medical conditions, to Medicare, to legal and financial issues, and how to cope with difficult conversations. Home health is on of the top-ten keywords Googled worldwide. American and world populations have fewer adult children available to take care of the aging population who is living longer. The only efficient solution is to integrate various systems to allow family caregivers to get information, care coordination tools, find appropriate resources, and support  - all in one site. 

I researched the senior care industry extensively after going through a rough family caregiving event with my father. Now that I am going through it again with my mother with dementia, I am convinced my unique approach, brought to life with software from extensive wireframes from accomplished UI/UX designers, will tap into this huge unmet need. This is a SaaS product with B2C and B2B subscriptions. I have identified early possible adopters and lined up pilots with local and a national franchise of home health services. Investors are interested in me, my wireframes, business model, and ready to go - except for having a tech co-founder who is almost as invested in the business as I am and wants to take this idea, add his/her own, and set this industry on fire.

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