Shuffle mode for travelling

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Travel planning is tedious. First, you need to come up with an idea where you want to go. So you might check those trip-advising websites or ask your friends for suggestions. Hours pass and you are still on the fence, so you might as well flip a coin. You are not sure why would you want to go Paris instead of going to, say, Berlin. You love adventure, but at the same time you want at least some certainty, you want to be safe. You would like to have an idea what you could do when you get there and maybe whom you could potentially meet.

Then you have to book the actual tickets. You visit different websites, they ask you to fill in all that information about yourself, once again. Then you have to pull out your credit card to make the actual payment, over and over again. Then it turns out they don't accept your card and you have to restart anew on another website. At this point you are already having second thoughts and start doubting if it was a good idea in the first place: you might as well stay home and watch TV.

When traveling spontaneously you want to avoid all the hassle and just go.

You should be able to focus on the traveling itself, rather than wasting your time in front of the computer planning where to go, looking for better deals and finally booking your trip when you want to go right away.

That should be taken care of, so that you just shake your phone and get personalized recommendations not only on where to go, but also about activities which are relevant for you and whom you could meet there to share the whole experience of adventurous traveling.

We call it "Shuffle mode for travelling".

Welcome to traffle.

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