Show Me the Love || relationship management

Problem: couples don't necessarily express care, love, or attention in a manner that is understood by their significant other.  Further, this information is not easily obtained by simply asking your partner what is the best way to love them.  As a result, relationships go on without truly reaching their maximum potential. 

Solution:  Whenever you do a good deed, this web app records that act for your partner to rate it (how meaninfgul was it them, i.e., “how loved” did they feel?) Couples can use the tool to provide feedback for their partner about mutual activities, habits and day-to-day events that materially influence the other’s perception of the relationship.  Over time, the app helps couples improve their relationships by teasing out the best way to love each other.   

Value prop:  learn what deeds provide the most value to your partner, then optimize your expression of love/attention/care.  Learn to express your love in a way your partner understands.

“I have a pretty good marriage,” Elizabeth Weil wrote in a December cover story in the Times Magazine, but “it could be better.” This is America. Why settle for pretty good?

Monetization:  freemium model -- offer free versions that have basic functionality, include more feature.  Or make it completely free and ad-supported.  

Market Size:  there are about 27.6M couples in the USA.  Assuming first year adoption by 13,000 couples paying $5 per month = $780,000 per year.  This represents 0.05% of the market. Capture 4% of addressable market (1.1M couples), paying $5/mo = $66M per year. 

Other risks: Adoption is the primary challenge here -- the service is only effective if both partners in a relationship are motivated to use the tool.  Partnering with online dating services could potentially increase exposure.  Another challenge will be encouraging people to reveal detailed personal information in an online setting, even if privacy safeguards are in place.