is an online marketplace to sell almost anything.

Looking for: Developer is an online marketplace to buy and sell items from just about any category. I am focusing on ease-of-use, affordability and bulk-listing support from as many other sites and platforms as possible. I have a marketing plan and a 3 stage plan for the next several years which I am working on compiling into a formal business plan.
My goal is a site that is a mix of the models out there, yet is light weight and easy to use. I don't want to create another arts and crafts site, or somehting just for antiques, I want to focus more on the categories of electronics, fashion, books and media. It will feature new and used items yet retain a high-end shopping center feel. I want to add many features such as downloadable catalogs, shopping newsletters and eventually a mobile shopping app.
I already have a basic site built out of some open-source software that I have modified extensively. There are several more modifications I want to add to this point the site. I need a technical cofounder to take of the programming and web design so I can focus on the marketing and fund raising.

Additional Info