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Looking for: Developer

Hi, I’m Dominic, co-founder of Firmbook. We’re a legal tech startup of 2 (a full-stack dev + a front end/lawyer) helping the 800 000 independent lawyers in the US to transform their website to e-commerce. 

Our first product is a website scheduling tool that integrates with a lawyer’s practice management software (think of it as Zapier+Calendly). It looks like other dozen of scheduling tool except its really not. It's tailored for lawyers and allows for far better productivity (automatic conflict check, invoices, client entries, and analytics) as well as increasing marketing capacity online. 

Social media and online communities are rapidly becoming a place where lawyers network and find clients. Firmbook help them leverage online channels to get clients. Plus, the vision is to create around our product a community where lawyers can exchange referrals, learn tips on how to get clients online, and form partnerships with other lawyers in a different geography. The future of law is online and distributed. 

Our mission is to improve the legal system as a whole by empowering entrepreneurial lawyers. We believe the internet unlock tremendous potential in terms of access to justice - lowering legal service price and making it accessible anywhere.

More info in the video pitch :)

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