a Social Marketplace for Twin Hotel Room and Airbnb Flat Sharing

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager

John works for a startup on a tight budget and had to attend a business meeting in New York. The meeting was arranged on short notice and there was a big event happening in the city, which meant that every city center hotel was completely booked or completely unaffordable -- especially single rooms. Then John found, a social peer-to-peer marketplace where travelers can arrange to share hotel rooms or Airbnb flats with others, split the cost, and perhaps make a new friend along the way. understands that business travelers currently comprise 20% of workday hostel guests, which have long been backpackers and student groups; and collaborative consumption can be a cheaper alternative in regular hotels as well, due to their low cost per extra capita. As in John’s case, is great for young business-people, who are ready to plug-in anywhere and share their stay with like- minded, adventurous travelers; especially during special events when rates are also at a premium. Better still, travelers who need to cancel their non-refundable hotel reservations for any reason can sell them on and turn a potential loss into a gain. Don’t get left out during your next business trip. Use -- a cheaper, more social accommodation sharing-economy solution for travelers worldwide!

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