Looking for: Developer
What is Sharenista ?
We created Sharenista due to a very simple fact : It is not always easy to find on the internet services at home. Where to turn when we are in need of a hairdresser on the weekend, a manicure on a Sunday morning, a language lesson at home, a DJ for a birthday or someone that sews my dream dress. In most cases, it boils down to checking on your friends or write a status on a social network and wait for someone to answer.
I guess you all know this situation. 
That's why we want to set up a website that will bring together the „service seekers“ with all those who have the talent and skills to offer greaat service. 
The idea is to have a Private –to- Private marketplace with the the spirit of mutual assistance or favours from people in your city.This is in no way to create a showcase for professionals who have already set up their shop. 
Sharenista will be our main website and we will break it down into several worlds- Fashionista, Beautynista, Partynista Homenista and Citynista, allowing a more precise and extensive research.
We are Social Media, Marketing and Sales experts. We have done extensive Market researchand we believe extremely in the idea. We need a third part of our wonderful team to develop further our market place and to create an easy and smooth mobile application. If you think you can go this way to success with us.... just drop me a message.  Please only respond when you live in Europe.

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