Share your college transcript and employer reviews.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer

In this day and age, why are employers still waiting to receive a job seeker’s official college transcript through the mail and interviewing a job seeker’s past employers over the phone? Shouldn’t this information be instantly available? We think so…

Who We Are 

VerifiedHire is the world’s first professional reference network, where professionals can share their college transcripts and employer reviews with their potential employers and fellow colleagues instantly.

Through the patent-pending VerifiedHire network, anyone who reads our member’s resumes or visits our member’s LinkedIn pages, receives instant access to their college transcripts and employer reviews.

No one ever has to question if our member’s education and employment history is true and no one ever has to wait for our member’s college transcripts to be sent through the mail or track down and interview our member’s past employers over the phone, in order to trust them.  The information needed to trust our members is instantly available.

Join Our Team

VerifiedHire is an early-stage angel backed startup based in Pittsburgh, PA. The company has over 55 million potential customers (job seekers and professional networkers with a bachelor’s degree or higher) and operates a patent protected, high margin, low operating cost, and annual subscription based business model.

VerifiedHire is currently looking for an innovative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial minded Software Engineer to join our team. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.Send us a message or visit!careers/c1g1g to apply.

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