Share the Sound of Change.

Looking for: Developer, Product manager

There’s a lot of music today that has the potential to be culturally ubiquitous; they have the potential totouch everyone, but only a small number of people are finding it. That tells me that the distribution model is still brokenA lot of great music today isn’t getting heard; isn’t getting as broad a distribution as it could be.” ~ Sean Parker

CharitySound is a viral launch pad for emerging artists. We partner music with huge social platforms (1-50 million supporters) to raise money for several causes. At its heart is a gamified innovation that tracks the users social network actions and issues discounts according to their value. For example, “Fan” the artist- to receive an instant 1 to 4 dollars off the album (according to the number of connected social networks and automatic actions- “likes and follows”). Give the artist your email to receive 2 dollars off. Receive additional discounts each time you generate a new fan by sharing. Ten - welve dollar albums can be purchased for as low as one dollar! Creating a vast promotional/micro-giving campaign- overnight. Receive badges. Achieve perks. Share the sound of Change. 

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