share the love...not more stuff

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
look, we all love the holidays, birthday parties the special occasions in between, and our in-laws. But frankly as a father to two young boys, sometimes they also fill me with dread. the dread that comes with all the stuff people give us. and while we can love the intent, we don't necessarily love the end result. all that stuff or even junk, yeah most of it is junk, are usually things you don't want or need.

It gets worse as your family grows. the furnishings, dinner ware, plastic toys, the baby clothes, the baby goes on and on, begin piling up. Most of it we just store someplace till there's no more room. And why is this? Because in daily life, your close family and friends have no other good way to express their love for you. So they give, and then you purge, over and over in a vicious cycle...there has to be a better way.

Many of us are realizing that our things don't lead to richer experiences in life, and that simplifying our approach to our homes and possession often frees us to experience life to the fullest.

and friends and family want to give and share in their loved ones joy, but the true way to do that is through the gift of experiences. We all intuitively know this to be true. 

if this idea were to come to life, people would have a whole new platform to give meaningful gifts to each other without the context of stuff.

this platform would be focused on a curated experience and family 'account' established in which the family can share the opportunity for people to give to experiences (think the zoo, to college savings and anything in between) the giver would get to share in the gift's experience via connected social media (think check-ins, shared photos etc.), and the recipient will get to truly enjoy the intent of the gift: love. share love, not stuff!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea