Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer

Having the right networking connections is essential for pursuing opportunities. Every day we connect with new people and at some point it becomes a hassle to remember, update and maintain their contact information. Yet, all it takes is a single lost business card or forgotten name to miss out on a lifetime opportunity.

Many technological solutions have attempted to simplify networking, but all have failed for one reason: with these solutions, the implementation of technology clearly interfered with natural human interaction. As a result, instead of enriching the networking experience they had awkwardly replaced the important aspects of human interaction. Thus, the need for a powerful, easy-to-use networking tool remained unaddressed – until now. Shake-on is a product that enables users to have robust, effortless networking.

By integrating around the universal gesture of a handshake, Shake-on retains the natural aspects of meeting someone while virtually exchanging information.

Additional Info

  • Website:
  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development