Setup YOUR body transformation goal in a smart way

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(children), teenagers, men and women who want to lose weight and/or build up muscles have no clear idea of what they, and precisely they with their complete unique body from head to toe, might look like later when they would or want to take the path of a body transformation. In addition, many of them lack the initial motivation to do so and many of those who are starting out lack the motivation to stay on the ball.


My service solves this via visual goals, which you define on your personal 3D avatar. To get such an avatar, different body scan methods are used. In addition to the goals and intermediate goals, my service simultaneously "spits out" body circumference data that can be compared with the data of role models and other successful users. This comparison can also be done visually. Finally, my service helps to track the progress of the transformation. Special attention is paid to a high-quality graphical representation of the avatar, so that one really recognizes oneself in it as in one's own mirror image.

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