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Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Marketer, Other
The monthly Google search impression in South Africa for 4 of the service that can be rendered through the concept averages 130k a month. Users nowadays want the full experience of customer service. Most apps of websites fall short in providing a unique service. users want to save on cost and time. Take a directory service, what do you get , leads whereby the client has to source the required service provider,look at call centres, client wait on the line for some time before they are even answered. what if there was a app that provided users with relevant information of service providers within a 10km as well as notifies them of their requirements or requests. Well now this can be done

Having a relationship with 1000's of nationwide South African service providers ( plumbers, electricians,locksmiths,glaziers,appliance techniciansand towing companies), I have Come to realize that being sustainable is a challange for most of them. Being on a directory database is costly and there is not guarantee that they will get any work. With that said everyone knows that cash is king. 

The concept is based around having a app with a database of service providers (which I have) that will assist cash clients. Users will complete a request form based on location,category, appointment date and time as well as their budget. This location based app will generate revenue through leads created for the service provider via the app. The service provider will only need to pay for our service if they generate income , which is fair and also allows them to be sustainable. The system will need to be 100% automated and track the users request based on the appointment date and time , when this point is reached the user should be sent a notification advising them to  rate the service received from the service provider as well as who completed the service. The system will then automatically invoice the service provider for the lead generated. I am looking for investors for the concept that will assist in the app development , as I have mentioned I have the data that will be  populated onto the app.  

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  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea