Serenely designed devices to protect privacy, wirelessly recharge, and restore conversation.

Looking for: Engineer

Concept: A Faraday cage for every household in the world with a cellphone.  A consumer technology that will propel a socio-cultural counter-revolution.  Tapping the zeitgeist of reaction to constant connectivity, inattentiveness to real relationships, and concern over hyper-surveillance to open a vein of ubiquitous, collectively actuated privacy.  Untangling the mess of charging wires with efficient, artful power.  Meet Serene Devices.

Story:  Serene Devices was born out of an epiphany of contemporary tragedy.   Witness a family or friends sharing a meal together after a long week apart; yet all are completely absorbed in their devices, as food is ordered, delivered, even consumed and paid for - not once do they look up or converse.  Imagine them instead disconnecting their devices, and reconnecting with each other, while simultaneously curing low battery anxiety and notification overload.   

Experience: Serene Devices open effortlessly, gracefully.  Your device is deposited inside, alongside the devices of others joining you in serenity.  It closes with the same effortless grace, and you have peace, focus, and togetherness - impervious and instantaneous.    You emerge from your hour of nowness refreshed; your device is withdrawn with a fresh charge.   Disconnect.  Reconnect.  Recharge.  

Distinction: Serene Devices brings the Faraday cage out of the laboratory and the esoteric domain of DIY survivalists, and into the realm of high design and onto the kitchen table.   The product in form and function encapsulates the Zen aesthetic its owners will into their lives through the act of its use.  It is an inherently social object, one that calls upon the family seated at the dinner table, the friends gathered for coffee, the board gathered for a meeting, the parties to a discreet conversation, to undertake a shared, collective act of disconnecting together - visibly, symbolically, and most importantly, effectively.  Put your device in Serene. Its owners have the prestige of being at the vanguard of taking back ownership over the role of connected devices in their lives, a vanguard into which they will proudly indoctrinate their friends.  Serene Devices calls upon the network effect of the very technologies which it aims to disrupt, by reinforcing the demand for its ubiquity through repeated use.  

Technology:  Making use of the latest in advanced material design, Serene Devices feature a technology-neutral wireless charging module enclosed within a robust EMI/RFI-shielding layer, itself encapsulated inside a streamlined outer shell with accents of bamboo or other sustainably-produced wood.  Their form is adaptable as a standalone design piece not out of place in the most stylish home, to an understated drawer installed in school desks, restaurants, or meeting tables, to device lockers at public and private sector workplaces that demand security.  Serene Devices are beautiful, scalable, durable, and technically impenetrable.   They are the confluence of two technology macro-trends:  active disconnection, and wireless charging.

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