SEO & Online Marketing Expert for Lead Generation

Looking for: Marketer
Generate insurance leads in niche business industries and sell said leads to insurance companies, insurance brokerages, insurance agents, and lead aggregators. An example industry we currently generate leads in and sell them is trucking and microblading through a few brands named Trucking Insurance Network, Motor Carrier Insurance Alliance, and the Microblading Insurance Program. We currently have some clients and are generating revenue and profitable, but we're looking to expand our niches in 2020, increase the number of leads we generate while reducing CPL, and increasing the number of clients we're selling to. To accomplish this, I need a business partner that wants to join me and run the SEO and online marketing portion of this business. Must be bad ass at the following:

1. B2B lead generation
2. Be able to analyze and take action on conversion, CPC, CPL, RPL, Revenue, Profit, and Margin reports.
3. SEO
4. Facebook advertising
5. Email marketing
6. Google advertising

Knowledge of the insurance industry is helpful/an added bonus. I would continue the business development/selling of the leads and this partner would be responsible for the actual lead gen and controlling those costs.

Additional Info