Senior Software Engineer

Looking for: Designer
Currently seeking a Senior Software Engineer who'd be willing to serve as a member of my start-up's executive management team. 

The ideal candidate should possess:
5-10 years of professional server software development
Candidates should have real world experience designing, developing and shipping complex and cloud based software systems.
Candidates should have deep knowledge in socket programming and high throughput data handling experiences.
Experience with C/C++/C++11 non-blocking IO programming, managing 100K+ socket connections is a plus. 
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
Good understanding of processor architecture and concepts, and experience developing applications based on knowledge of the underlying hardware architecture
Comfortable task switching and managing multiple tasks at the same time
Solid written, verbal and presentation skills for expressing complex ideas and initiatives to audiences of varied technical skills.

Just a brief description of the company it is a start-up that's currently based in Michigan. As of now, there are two ideas that are being explored regarding the Big Data issue such as: how to consolidate IT hardware & software services in the enterprise? And how can Big Data be used for the overall benefit of the consumer? At this current time this position will not be offering a salary however, that won't be for long. For those who have or are interested in starting or joining a start up company, usually during it's inception stage that is often an inevitable truth. However, If you are interested and would like to see how your skills can be utilized in a meaningful yet creative way, then feel free to reply to this posting. 

Note: Please be prepared for intensive brainstorming sessions in an effort to promote an environment of creativity and innovation. 

Email: reply to posting
Skype ID: Nabrams11

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development