Senior Developer (m/w)

Looking for: Developer

We are Dr. Johannes Plehn and Thomas Hagemann, founders of Seven Senders GmbH. Our product will revolutionize cross-border e-commerce in Europe. We will, for example, enable German online stores to supply their customers in Vienna 30% cheaper, twice as fast or within a 30min time window. As a one-stop service we optimize material flows, connect IT-interfaces of shops with those of the carriers abroad and manage the supply chain. For shops this business model is highly attractive from a cost and marketing point of view and we have already closed deals with several shops. 

And yes, for sure we are funded. How should we otherwise pay you?

Your portfolio covers software development as well as system administration and you are keen to work together in a joined team with one of the best software developer and architect in Berlin. You are keen to work on something new!

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