Sellers list products/services. Buyer plays a game if he/she wins then the price drops.

Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
Auctions been around for a long time. I think they're boring and "old fashion". Nowadays people play game everyday  So lets link "gaming" and "shopping". Sellers ( individuals) and businesses will list their products or services and each product and service will have 2 prices, a regular price and a discounted price. Potential buyers will play a game it can be a trivia or electronic game and if they win, they will be able to buy the product or service at a discounted price.

Sellers and Businesses can list one (1) or more UNITS of one particular product or service. If for example one seller list one used Toyota Camry, potential buyers will compete playing a game and whoever among them scores the highest at the end of the listing period will win the discount and will buy the car at a discounted price.

A restaurant for example can list 25 lunches, and the first  25 winners will buy the lunches at a discounted price. The buyer will be able to pay for his/her lunch using Paypal or Pay in Person at the restaurant by presenting a personalized coupon.

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