Self-motivating Exercise App for iPhone and Android (Social Venture)

Fitting into your skinny jeans and turning heads. Our app takes the best from Nike+ and RunKeeper and gives it rocket wings (not the redbull kind either) using motivation prizes! 

My co-founder and I are looking for design and development assistance creating this app.

The really cool part (as if the self-motivating part weren't cool already).
We plan to calcualte social impact or social return on investment (SROI) and donate a portion of our profits to healthy lunch programs at public schools to help reduce childhood obesity.  

Our rough budget is 150K or less for development. In full disclosure, we don't have the funding at the moment (we're working on that part!). But if you join us as a technical co-founder you can work for equity instead...which is much better (at least we think so!)!