Seeking web developer to partner in exciting service with huge potential that will also be rewarding

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer


We’re looking for a web developer / designer to become part of our team for a share of our business. I’m looking for a very specific person/skillset, so please only reply if you feel you meet the requirements and provide a little of your background/examples of work in your response. My time is tight, I’m sure you can appreciate, isn’t everyone’s?!

Our business will be web based, operating on similar principles to a dating website – i.e. profile creation, search, algorithm matching etc. It is NOT a dating website, however, but will operate on the same principles. In addition, we will require the site to have additional functionality that dating websites don’t usually have. These are the ability to host online training modules which users will complete and then certify through assessment. It will also require validation of individuals through submission of scanned documents – validation of these documents will then lead to updating user profiles with badges which other users will need to be able to search on – i.e. User A is looking for users in a 5 mile radius that have X number/type of badges on their profile.

I have created a web site brief and sourced a number of quotes from web design companies, they range from £3k to £180k and my experience is not in web design, so I’m looking for an expert who has experience in this area to build the site or at the very least to be able to manage third parties to create the site at the most reasonable cost and swiftly.

You will be/have:
* UK based, preferrably London or the South East
* Have actual experience with developing the type of website we require – dating websites highly preferable, from conception to live
* Experience / knowledge of a range of coding languages, product creation lifecycle, testing management etc
* Have examples of sites you have been instrumental in creating that we can review
* Have references from clients/employers that we can contact if we proceed
* Have a strong desire to commit to and succeed in a venture that has a huge potential
* Be flexible with your time in order to be able to manage this activity
* Have commercial / business experience and acumen – this will, in the early stages, be an all hands on deck venture, you may be required to step out of your existing experience and comfort zone
* Be personable and have great communication skills

The field that the business is in can be sensitive, thin skinned individuals may want to look elsewhere. We believe that this idea has the potential to meet a totally unmet need for a large demographic (4M+), if it is executed well. Nobody else is doing this in the UK that we can find.

Our market research of 500 individuals within the demographic we’re targeting has revealed:
* 25% said they were desperate for the type of help our service would support
* 40% said they’d love the type of help our service would support
* 50-60% said they would appreciate the type of help our service would support

It has huge potential, it also has an added upside of being a service that would be providing support to a large number of people that presently are crying out for it, support that would really make a difference to their lives and to society as a whole. These sound like grand claims, but if successful, the business has far reaching potential.

We are/will bring:
* A commercial business background
* Years of project management experience – managing teams of 250+ and $25MM budget
* Director level in large Blue Chip company
* Business psychologist and a behaviour change and culture expert
* Survey and statistics background – managing large scale surveys of more than 40k individuals
* A well thought through and researched business idea – market research completed
* A clear view of the great opportunities that this business can create
* Passion to make a difference and a strong desire to bring this idea to fruition
* Flexible working ability
* Excellent communication skills
* Strong interpersonal, negotiation and commercial experience
* Dual base – London and Brighton

At present, we have limited capital to put into the idea, however, on the horizon there is some potential for (£50k+) funds to be available (end of year). It would be a bonus if you could also input some capital into the venture but not essential if your skills are a perfect match. At this stage, we’re looking to reach a minimum viable proposition to test out with prospective customers before we look to expand and invest.

We’re trying to avoid sourcing capital from investors who will not be directly involved in the vision and creation of the business.

If this sounds like you, please respond with a little background on your experience, availability, examples of your work and contact details and we’ll be in touch.



Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea