Looking for: Developer

Chicago tech/web startup currently in stealth mode searching for a co-founding web developer/architect/software engineer to help create first skeletal MVP/prototype and drive tech development.

Venture is led by an individual who most recently has been a professional service-provider to two of Chicago’s fastest-growing tech startups (both VC-funded); and before that was a founder of a smartphone peripherals venture and a partner at an internationally-recognized professional services firm.

The venture will create an e-commerce web platform for both retailers and consumers, allowing new efficiency on both sides such that consumers obtain goods for differentiated prices and retailers capture profits that cannot be captured any other way.  The model will change how retailers sell inventory and the way consumers purchase goods (and will do so while utilizing Gamification techniques); and on the backend unique Big Data will be collected and monetized.

Initial market validation is complete.  Numerous retailers (all of them known industry players) have already indicated significant interest and the desire to examine the MVP/prototype, one of which identified as a prospective testing partner.

What’s your background?  Do you have an impressive collection of many of the following?:

  • Experience in the context of web retail/e-commerce; or experience gained at an airline ticketing venture (or some other price optimization enterprise)?

  • Experience with a web startup venture (stand-alone, or intra-company); and were you an officer or a founder, and were any of the ventures VC-funded?

  • Front and/or backend development experience?  Knowledge of architecture and infrastructure basics, and knowledge of how to establish IT workability, and how to debug and benchmark?

  • Experience utilizing open source technologies?

  • Multiple program fluency?

  • Some design/UI experience?

  • The wherewithal to find efficient ways to integrate multiple complex systems (i.e., those of multiple large retailers all doing things in different ways)?

  • Some experience with the tech startup fund-raising process?

  • A passion to find a better way?

  • The ability to mine and recognize other elite tech talent?

  • Experience making the complex simple, and the ability to explain complex matters in simple and straightforward ways?

  • An ability to work focused under the stress of success?

  • A sense of humor?

Still interested?  Or perhaps you have in mind another individual.  Either way let’s connect. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea