Seeking Co-Founder for® - (Established)

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager

One of the best names on the Web, it also includes the BestWebsite® Trademark.

I've run the business the last five years, currently receiving more than 12,000 quality unique visitors a year.  The business currently sells my Web business booksbut could be so much more with such an outstanding name

It also received more than $1 million in legitimate Web design requests the last 12 months, which  is a direction that the business could be developed in.

I'm looking for a strong Co-Founder to own 80%.  I am a professional Web and Graphic Designer and will help build the business into whatever direction matches our strengths. (all worked on is my own.)  Whether that is a collection of writers like Mashable that earns its money from advertising; a Web Design company; or if you're someone who wants to become an author and sell your own books.

I've built a vibrant blog following of thousands.  This includes verified readers from Inc. Magazine, Fast Company as well as some of the world’s most influential bloggers and business people that we can use to kick-start the new venture.

The reason I'd like a Co-Founder is because I'll be promoting my new book “Web Fluent”, and creating new instructor courses on Udemy (Online learning academy).  Both of those activities will generate even more business for  There needs to be a dedicated person to focus on, which is why I’m willing to give the controlling interest of 80% to attract the right person.

I'm open to different scenarios, just let me know what you're thinking.

Side Note; if I had been running full-time this last year it would have profited approximately $250,000.

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