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Hello everyone,


Few years ago our company started creating a mobile app (info down below). We are pretty much done with 1.0 version which is added to Google play. Unfortunately we suspend working at some point for a few reasons: one of our group member left to another country and myself got busy doing other things. So eventually this whole idea dimmed a little bit and all the hard work just stopped. That is the main reason why I am trying to reach you guys here: maybe there are some persons who would like to develop this idea further? 

The essence of this app is to catch social networks and other media’s stream using wi-fi (everytime a mobile phone has an access to wi-fi), download this whole information into device using itself memory and later any time needed / wanted reflect it (on the plain, metro, etc. where the possibility of using mobile services or wi-fi is limited or unable. 


How does it work in general? 

1. Through mobile phone user signs in on Twitter and Instagram using their accounts

2. Next step is setting desired amount of device memory for the app (100mb is quite enough for 1200 Tweets and Instagram posts)

3. Well done! As long as Scribe4U is connected to wi-fi, it cheks out latest post’s and downloads them directly into the phone. 

Also there are additional configurations: Favorites, mechanical way downloading posts for a right period of time, social network disconnection, posts downloading using ony wi-fi network or wi-fi + mobile charger. 


What are perspectives?

1. This app could used for social networks, news portals, podcasts and forums as well.

2. Target consumer could be countries with poorly developed 3/4G mobile network, travelers (once they have used Wi-fi, latter on they can check out some news without using mobile internet) and all other people who struggles with mobile internet issues.


Talking about myself I am not the hugest fan or consumer of social networks so I am quite satisfied with small amount of news updates few times a day. So even having a good mobile internet connection my needs are fully pleased by using this app. And the main thing which gives me delight is that I am not bothered with any commercials! That costs other major benefit – everything loads A LOT faster.


By the way, this app downloads and reflects text, pictures and video formats.

So here is a short description about our handy app. Hope that info is more-less clear understandable. 

I really hope that there are some girls / guys who have interest and motivation moving this thing forward. 

The app is called Scribe4U. If you would like to get your hands on it you can always find it at Google Play. 

If there are some questions or you would like to share your ideas with me, please do not hesitate contacting me. My e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Have a nice day all of you!

Best regards,





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