Scoutready Sportswear - Wear What You Do

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Product manager, Sales person
Scoutready Sportswear is a new brand apparel company, that emphasizes "showing the world who you are and what you do".  Targeted toward adolescents with promising futures in the athletic, scholastic and entertainment fields, the brand allows for subtle "self-promotion" of its wearers to scouts or anyone else who sees it. The apparel lets anyone viewing it know you are an individual on the way up in your field of endeavor.

Also, classic sportswear and apparel for the eveyday person, (not trying to be recruited) will be available, behind the powerhouse logo.  Also, a proposed line of Socutready wear for infants (or their parents) who would like to adorn their babies with positive, "projection success" infantwear is in the works.  There is work that needs to be done on alot of the designs, as the images you see on the demonstration website ( are rudimentary at best and lack "pop" or the "in look" for today's youth. A new Design person is a must. However, with the killer brand name and logo, Scout Ready (the new Co-founder will have to help me determine if Scout Ready will be on or two words) has tons of potential as a new force in the sportswear/apparel industry.

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