Scan It and You Know It. Scan your barcode and we will tell you this is OK, NOT OK of Doubtful.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Hi My name Is Ahmet Oztan And I want to solve the Ingredients problem. If I scan a barcode of a (food)product tell me please Can I consume it or not?, Is this Halal or Not, Is this healthy or not, I have Allergy can I consume it. I can solve this issue with Big Data & Cloud solution. I'm using new innovative technology to solve this Issue. I expect that this APP will change the production process of millions of food products. This APP will also change life of millions, They will know what they are eating. This APP will replace paper LOGOs by ELECTRONIC one's. Not the producer but the CONSUMER will determine, fulfills this product my wish (or not). Also the consumer will do this REALTIME and will get realtime update of any chance. The APP will be in launched 5 Language English,Turkish,German,Dutch and French. The APP will be launched at the Playstore & APPStore in Netherlands,Germany,Belgium, UK, USA and France. Please see this as a startpoint. AT HALAL EXPO 2015 in Eindhoven This APP is selected as the most innovative product.

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