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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Dear all,

Everyone knows someone who struggles due to a lack of money, or lack of free time. Maybe even a combination of both. I've developed a concept that is effective in reducing both problems. It creates an additional revenue stream for virtually everyone, and their efforts significantly impact the amount of free time that others have. Both parties helping each other. Most importantly; it's organized in such a way that it can be combined with every day life. People won't have to change jobs, re-educate or do anything that could appear intimidating. It's simply a concept that makes everyone win. More money, more time, more inter-connectivity. Making life easier.

I have had the idea for years and have been passively developing it, now started working full-time since 10/07/17. Looking for a co-founder CTO or developer, in exchange for equity and salary after first seed. I'll take a part-time CTO or developer, as long as the potential is there to change to full-time when things start picking up. Looking into making this a billion dollar company (will succeed, too).

- Pitched my previous CFO: he loved it and is now funding this period at no cost; he loves the potential and wants to help.
- Pitched a local incubator: said they never heard of anyone taking this approach, say they are interested and want to stay in touch while I develop it more.
- Pitched a friend: offered 250k (his inheritance) if we could keep it between the two of us. But we can't, we'd need more capital.
- Pitching drunk people: they shout "we're going to get rich!" and get super excited (people intuitively understand the value here, it's actually quite a simple concept, just that execution is tricky).
- Did a survey on 700 people and the market is highly responsive.

- Passion for idea and at least 20 hours per week, until we decide you should go full-time.

Proven track record to indicate you can do the below:
- Familiarity with building apps on both systems and building websites.
- Familiar with integrating video chat, payment systems, search engines, online wallets, maps.
- Can anticipate for rapid growth and makes sure system stays stable, on a global scale.
- Accurate cost projections, accounting for unexpected expenses.
- Has managed teams and successfully launched IT-projects before.
- Extensive network.
- Start-up experience.
- Basically means he has all the skills that I can leave the technical side of the development within his/her responsibility.

Looking for a CTO or a developer.

If I've intrigued you, please contact me so I can go through your credentials, and I'll get back at you. I'm looking for ethics, the right skill-set and a solid professional relationship.

Warm regards,

Lodewijk Veldhuijzen

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