SaaS - evaluation of coding skills

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Sales person
The idea comes from simple facts : recruiters don't code, and have difficulties assessing the skills of dev; plus, bad recruitments are very expensive.

Staff fit is a tool for recruiters, allowing them to easily assess coding skills. It's a Saas of online coding tests, allowing to identify the applicants for a job that don't have the technical skills required whithout losing time, reducing by 30% the average time of interview.

It already work to test Java skills, and recruiters will start using it in the weeks to come.

We are two cofoundrers, and to boost our development, we are looking for great talents in sales and in technical development ! These new cofounders are the key for a successful launch of our product.

Either way, the range of roles of each one will be much wider and we look for entrepreneurs sharing our passion and our good mood !

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