Riddlebook, an Online Treasure hunt marketplace with real money

Looking for: Designer, Product manager

Riddlebook is a marketplace for online treasure hunt games with real prize money.   There are free games, sponsored games, and paid games.  Paid games are the main source of income. If there is a game played by 1000 players around the world, the income will be 10000$. We will give around 5000$ - 7000$ to players and we will get 3000$.  Starting with one game per month, and then games every week and finally multiple games every day.

We already did a test game and we got 3000 registrations in the first week for the free game.  The growth option is immense, as there are games we can arrange county specific, every hour games and many.

We are looking for two co-founders. One is responsible for the overall design, which is crucial; part and other is a puzzle maker, who is having out of the box thinking to create clues and puzzles who likes escape room games a lot. We have a good development and marketing team and we have grand plans to make this project successful. We are based in London and India.


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