Revolutionary Social Network

Looking for: Developer
I have an idea for a revolutionary social network that, if successful, could change the world to a similar degree as all the other major social networks - and in one way a larger degree. Just like each major social network has its USP, this social network has a completely different purpose to anything out there at the moment. It is certainly not an alternative to facebook or any of the other social networks; as its premise currently has no direct competition. I am in love with this app idea so much I have longed to use such an app ever since conceiving it, and can imagine myself (among millions of others) using it every day. Can you remember life before your favourite social network? Awful right? Well that's exactly how I feel now about my app idea. I simply can't go on much longer without it, and I can't imagine the world of tomorrow without it. My gut feeling tells me it has a place on our homescreens right next to all the big players. 

Whilst I have the vision, creativity and leadership skills to bring this idea into reality, I lack the technological and business experience to start such a company. Therefore I need to partner with a developer/engineer and someone with multiple start up experience / great business & entrepreneurial skills. Or one person with both skill sets. This person/people will also need to have a particular mindset. A mindset of laser like focus, great taste and resolve. The perfect partner would also be at the intersect between technology and the liberal arts. 

Although I'm from the UK I am happy to move to America if need be. 

Please contact me if you think you're the right person to partner with me or even if you think you could be part of the team. If not, please don't hesitate to give me any advice you can - I will really appreciate it. 



Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea