Looking for: Developer, Marketer

Chicago Internet startup – which has already built prototypes and secured a $1B enterprise client under a letter of intent – seeks two (2) founders to build out the product and run the company.  Original non-developer founder will stay on as advisor and liaison to enterprise client, but is moving on to a full-time appointment in that individual’s wheelhouse.

The new founders will be given substantial authority and ownership to build out revolutionary retail pricing marketplace/platform, run beta tests using enterprise client already on board under a Letter of Intent, drive digital & traditional marketing, and expand the business down the line to SaaS, Big Data monetization, a Television platform, and a completely new category that is the future of the buying and selling off goods. 

Founders could be two (2) web developers/software engineers/architects, but would preferably be one (1) developer/tech and one (1) digital marketing expert with some tech/developer expertise.  Those interested need not already be a part of a 2-person team – individuals are therefore welcome to contact company.

Company vitals:

·         Founded in Chicago as an Illinois C-Corp as VC funding will be targeted down the road to quickly expand (though company can be refiled in Delaware);

·         Immense & Growing $260B Market;

·         Prototypes completed;

·         Revolutionary, game-changing retail pricing approach;

·         New Experience & New Econ Approach on both sides of marketplace;

·         $1B Enterprise Client has signed LOI to use platform once transactional;

·         Multiple Revenue Streams:  Transactional Revenue (from Day 1); and down the road Big Data, SaaS, Television, & new consumer category;

·         Immense opportunity for tech to add value;

·         Great Network Effects & Follow-On Models;

·         Gamification aspects;

·         Venture currently shepherded by individual who has been a professional service-provider to two of Chicago’s fastest-growing tech startups (both VC-funded); and before that was a founder of a smartphone peripherals venture and a partner at an internationally-recognized professional services firm;

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development