Rethinking how we approach and handle meetings, making them meaningful, productive even after we lea

Looking for: Designer, Developer
Meeting scheduling & management software only address a handful of what we truly need to run a successful meeting.

It doesn't matter is the meeting is internal, with a prospect, existing client or a supplier the need to schedule, manage, set expectations and actually have a successful outcome is overlooked.

I want to create a product that enables busy professionals to create actionable meetings that have productive outcomes.

The secret sauce is actually quite simple;

Integrate - As a professional I want to present my personal and work diaries in one place to book a meeting, allow me to link both Google Apps & Office 365, later allow me to integrate a skype, google hangout or microsoft lync into the meeting.

Schedule - Allow people to see when I am free & busy and request a meeting. Also allow me to create a meeting.

Agenda - Set an agenda with times for each point being discussed

Action Points - Create these during the meeting and after, assigning them to all attendees, allow attendeess to add comments and check them off. Integrate at a later stage the ability to add these as tasks into key 3rd party task management apps

Followups - Send reminders to people when their action points are due and past due.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea