Renting meeting & conference rooms, individual workstations, co-working spaces & private lounges


We want to make it easy for flexible workers to book spaces on demand for work, relaxation and meeting purposes by identifying quality spaces and making them easily available.


A one-stop website of individual workstations, co-sharing spaces, meeting & conference rooms and quiet private lounges. These spaces can be rented per hour, part of the day or full day. 
On one side it’s a website for end-users looking for space. And on the other side suppliers can login and upload their spaces with relevant information about the spaces (amount of people that can use the space, availability, facilities, pictures etc.) once agreed on.

These spaces are areas where people can meet and work on demand in a professional quiet area with necessary facilities without having a fixed contract.

According to Dutch research, the average occupancy rates of meeting rooms now is between 22.9% - 38.5% 
(two different sources). If the space is made available to the public it creates opportunities for higher occupancy.

Rooms that will be rented per hour, part of the day or full day are:

- Private lounge rooms (used to meet clients, coach someone or relax)
- Individual workspaces
- Co-working spaces
- Meeting & conference rooms

Potential suppliers could be:

- Existing companies using office space
- Real estate companies
- Meeting/conference agencies
- Community centres
- City councils
- Hotels
- Libraries
- Theatres
- Churches
- Cafes

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea