Recursive Rewards for Recruiting

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
High Quality Referrals with Recursive Rewards:

No matter where someone is in the referral chain, they should be rewarded for insights on great candidates or employers. Your peers may not know the right person for the job, but their contacts can open up promising talent communities. Motivate those outside your immediate circle of peers by offering them an equal part of the referral bonus. We'll keep track of the sequential referrals, ensure they are trustworthy and high quality. When a candidate is hired, we reward everyone who was part of the solution. As a proof of concept, the MIT Media Lab was the only team to use recursive rewards in a nationwide sourcing challenge hosted by DARPA a few years ago. It paid off: They recruited nearly 5000 participants in under 9 hours, making them three times more successful than any other team.

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