Quora.com for the Cruise Market with a clear revenue model

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
(Brevity is a challenge, but I did manage to keep it to 2 paragraphs.)

Researching & booking a cruise vacation is challenging since there is so much information out there and far too many out of date resources to search through.  Once you've finally booked a cruise, researching the details of shore excursions, port information, restaurants and shopping can also be overwhelming and time consuming. The process of booking the cruise should not be adding to your every day stress. My 8 years working on cruise ships including 4 as a onboard cruise consultant has identified a gap in the market.  Too many people saying "I wish I knew X before I booked my cruise or got on the ship).  I need the right CTO to help create a prototype website & IOS app that marries the knowledge base and Q&A functionality of quora.com, the clean look of coach.me.  Quick, concise answers to question as they are typed, and pushing out questions to the mobile devices of experts as needed.  I have the experience to identify and bring together cruise experts who can provide quick answers to questions to the community that are trustworthy and backed by experience. There is a clear revenue model for this project from multiple sources that are different than what is traditionally found in this space.  We need a working prototype (website & IOS app to start) that can handle 1000 users, 2 to 3 cruise lines in the KB along with Caribbean ports as a starting point. 

There is a bigger opportunity in that China is just waking up to cruising, have no idea what it is, but the industry has predicted 4.5 million passengers by 2020 when the current North American market is currently at 11 million passengers.  1st Stage: Prototype.  2nd Stage: Funding via pre-selling advertising rights and/or Angel Funding (the site is live during this entire time I believe to keep momentum). Database is complete with all cruise lines & 80% of all ports (Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia).  3rd Stage: Expand to Australia & UK user experts & tweak advertising  4th Stage: Depending on available technology and funds, allow mandarin speaking users to use the site in their native language (Knowledge Base results are translated for them), and questions are pushed out translated to the expert's native tongue, and the expert's answer is translated back to Mandarin.  This is a beast of a project, but I believe in the idea that this will be the last solution needed for the cruise industry.

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