Quikjobs: Post or Work One-Time Jobs in your Area

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Product manager
Quikjobs LLC was founded on June 6, 2016 with the purpose of allowing users of the original site (https://www.quikjobs.biz) the ability to post or work one-time jobs in their area by setting up a profile and then either adding jobs to the communal job calendar on the site or selecting to work ones they found interesting. I set up an EIN number and copyrighted my company logo, the Quikjobs Eye, and company name in order to make it official. The concept was a huge success in my eyes when I was interviewed by many local newspapers and hundreds of my fellow students signed up to work jobs. However, while the concept was clear, the user interface was not easy enough to understand for many people. I closed the site down and felt defeated, but I refused to let my company die. 
     I took some time to look at my options on how to proceed, all the while still promoting my company on social media. In this time span, I decided what I had to do was create a streamlined version of my concept that would be accessible to both potential users who would work and post jobs. In order to do this, I decided that the best way to go was to develop an app. I created an company email, company Itunes Connect Developer Account, and bought the rights to use Amazon Web Services servers in order to support the backend of my app. Then, I went online and found a developer who I felt was qualified to complete the more complicated parts of the app design and who I am still working with today as we wrap up the app. (App completion is set for February 10th and speculative app release to the App Store is set for February 23rd.)
     The Quikjobs app is something I am truly proud of and know that with the right people could be a massive hit. First off, I hired a designer to develop a custom Quikjobs App Icon using the Quikjobs Eye logo against a white background; in focus groups potential users have said this logo showed the most professionalism and reliability. The interior of the app complements it's stellar design with white background and aero blue font again instilling professionalism in the user. The app includes FAR TOO MANY FEATURES to include in a short description, but I would be happy to show the app specs to any interested cofounders. The app includes a job map, job search section, job posting section, job notification section, and user profile section which shows them jobs they have posted and worked. All these features are streamlined using an Instagram-like bottom navigation bar. I have entirely bootstrapped this company by myself and therefor any cofounder interested in joining would not have to answer to anyone but myself. I look forward to talking with all potential cofounders.

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