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Qmod is an educational platform that teaches the fundamentals of generating, harnessing and utilizing alternative energy.

Our educational platform is all about engagement! We provide the opportunity for students to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) related material through:

 1. Interactive Story Telling

Qmod believes in the power of story telling. Our website hosts free tutorials, illustrating exciting energy experiments, through our Instagram feed. Anyone can watch, learn and contribute through our hashtag #Qmod.

2. Hands-On Experience
The Qmod educational kit includes our inductive circuit, designed to pulse small bits of Voltage found in everyday objects, into usable electricity. Students can learn the basics of electrical theory, and experiment with objects like fruit, tin foil and pencils to create their own home-made batteries. 

The Qmod platform is based on the accessibility of applied learning; allowing individuals to experiment with alternative energy not only inside the classroom, but at home with everyday objects as well. Fundamentally we look toward experiences as a vehicle in making STEM based learning memorable and fun.  

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