Yet another phone app that gives you the best price on petrol.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Product manager
Elevator Pitch

A superior version of the app GasBuddy, rather than asking users to enter price data manually they are asked to photograph the price billboard with this app. The server uses image recognition to extract the products and prices and users get a readout of the the most economical service stations.


Pumps runs a thread in the background and when your GPS tells it that you are at a service station it sends a signal to the server. The server sends a price request if a price is needed and your phone beeps with a message: "Go in the draw for a $100 fuel voucher. Just take a photo of the prices billboard.". It uploads the photo and extracts the data and and if the prices read at the same values after a few photo's it updates the price.

When you first install the app it asks for the year, make and model of your cars or alternatively has you enter highway mpg, city mpg, tank capacity, tank capacity at empty as well as how much of a tank you usually refill (default a full tank). When you subsequently start the app you update your destination or it generates a list of service stations close to your predicted route with the most efficient entry first.

Each entry contains:

The service station name and address.
The distance left to travel.
The price of the selected fuel exactly one week ago (in red).
The current price of the selected fuel if available (in green).
The savings you will make on fuel compared to the most expensive entry.
The extra time spent compared to the fastest entry.

If you click an entry it opens and routes your GPS.

When you open the app to search fuel prices their is a splash screen ad; a little animation of a frosty coke bottle on a hot day, the Holden logo glinting occasionally if you drive one, McCaffe in the mornings.

I think this application could get up in a country like China or India where the competition is limited and there is no real time price service like Opis.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea