Providing an interactive democratic platform for voting on issues, rather than people.

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Democracy will experience a dramatic change in how it is exercised.  Voting on the popularity of people is an exercise in failure, as we can see by the results.  The better method is to vote on the issues we face on a daily basis.  We will utilize the infrastructure of the AWS to crunch the numbers and provide reality-based solutions to our issues in the order of viability.  This is a mathematical process that addresses the viability of the solution.  The voters can then vote on these solutions to our problems, rather than a popularity contest that provides no solutions.  This method reconciles mathematically therefore the process is both homogeneous and isotropic.

The second, and most important, part of our offerings is the electronic device that will receive, authenticate, store, and ultimately verify all of your information.  Our business model will give the users a portion of the profits gained from selling their personal data.  Such data will be available for dissemination per each user's permissions, (indicated fields, all fields, no fields), and will pay out accordingly.  In this way the user will have total control over their personal data while our company will have a portion of that extremely large revenue stream.

Lastly, our company has a suite of interoperable solutions.  Our solution to the voting issue is called Dynamic Democracy; the system for identifying location based solutions is called Dynamic Earth; and our solution to the inequalities in the workplace our solution is called Dynamic Workforce.  We prefix the word 'dynamic' before our solutions because we know that change is constantly occurring and in fact is the contributing factor to everything. 

Come join us in our mission!

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