Project TYKE: Affordable Robotic Lifesavers.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Engineer
I believe in innovating robotics with a much lower profit margin to make it affordable even for third world countries, Most of my work
is for life and death situations such as mining disasters or earthquakes, so by making the technologies more affordable, I try to save
more lives by having more of appeal to rescue authorities and mining companies to buy my products.

Project TYKE is a mines and urban rescue robot it is both small enough to go in to small spaces, such as pipelines and strong enough
to power through rubble at speeds of 7KMPH which is about the same as what a human rescue team would achieve. Its motors are
tested and have enough power to climb a steep flight of stair which shows TYKE can be used for Fire rescue and intelligence. Having
an infra-red camera and a video transmitter that can transmit up to 5KM (depending on antenna) which is suitable for both urban and
mine situations where average distances would be less then 2KM. 

Additional Info