Project 0

Looking for: Biz developer

Project 0 disrupts the 700 million bottled water industry. 
In Australia every day 1 million empty water bottles and up in landfill.
Buy hey, it’s promoted by supermodels in bikinis. And the alternative?
Cold, urinal resembling objects that 85% of us do not like to use

So the idea is simple: When fountains are attractive and widely available we solve the pain of thirst and reduce the need for bottled water

The Project 0 fountain is sculptural object that functions as a canvas for an artist.
Now drinking water in public spaces is a positive and engaging experience.
We add some magic, like:

shared ownership, collaboration
check-in to find out more about the artist
or make a 50 cent micro-donation

The opportunity for Project 0 lies in locations where there are currently NO drinking fountains;

A lobby of 30-story office building, outside café, a store a train station, 

Even brands. For example Levis; to engage with their skateboard community they donates a fountain to a skate park and graffiti-artists take turns to show their work. The opportunities are endless

The design is finished, I just signed up some major partners and there are customers for 15 units in the pipeline.
Now it is time to ramp it up and that is why I am looking for an amazing co-founder who preferable has deep sector knowledge of the property industry.


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